My Funky Purchase

nest studio textile exhibition

nest studio textile exhibition

Artist Carly Schwerdt of Nest Studio fame has been very busy lately. Not only is she expecting baby number 2, she and business partner Amy Prior have released a new range of textile prints under the label Umbrella Prints (TM).

Umbrella Prints Flip Dolls

Umbrella Prints Flip Dolls

The prints are absolutely gorgeous, in bright and bold colourways. They’ve also just introduced these Flip Dolls (TM), using their fabrics. A revamped 1970’s dolly who changes her mood and dress with the flip of her skirt (three times, three dollies in one). ‘Lily and Grace’ (pictured above) are the best of friends, with a flip, they smile, sleep and laugh together. They’re available in kit form (for those who wish to make their own) or as the finished product.

Mat invite

As if that’s not enough she’s currently running the Modern Australian Textiles Exhibition (featuring the following artists).

Helena Gieger   

Nicola Cerini   

Publisher Textiles   

Pip Willy   

Umbrella Prints   

Anna Laura   

Laughing Bird Textiles

The exhibition will be open until Wednesday July 30 (Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, & Sundays 12-2pm),  at Nest Studio, 18 Elizabeth Street, Croydon, South Australia. If you pop in don’t forget to try the coffee next door – it’s great.

Which brings me to my funky purchase. As soon as I saw it I fell in love. It’s called ‘Cameo’ by Wendy Richards of Publisher Textiles, which is a small collective of Sydney-based artists who hand-print wallpaper and fabrics. The piece I purchased is featured in the front window at Nest Studio (as shown in the top picture). I can’t wait to bring it home (not sure where it will go, but I’ll worry about that later).

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